Computer Virus And Anti-Virus

Do you really worried about your computer performance, security problem and your privacy? Do you have any problem to access your data or data corruption or leakage? Most of the people face such problems.
Do you know how this happening? Who is doing this? And how to secure your Pc?

 Are you in one of infected person? If yes then you must know, How this all happen? How to protect your Pc?
virus scan

 This article will be very helpful in this regard. All of these happening due to a small program which termed as Virus.    

What is Computer Virus?

Virus is small piece of code that reproduces itself infinitely, damage your Pc, lose your personal and important data and spread from one computer to another computer.

Virus is common word in our daily life. Everyone is infected by virus. If we take overview of history of viruses then we come to know that viruses are generated in mid of 1980s, but in those days, had nothing specific damage routine. Hence, new and more powerful viruses came into being with the passage of time.
There are many kind of computer viruses like Trojan, Worms, Time bomb and Root kit etc.
Most of us are being recipient of computer viruses but still they did not know. There are researchers who spend a lot of time looking into different types of computer viruses and related security threats in order to determine how they’re programmed, how they do damage, how they spread and how we protect our Pc from virus.
In March 1988, the first anti-virus was designed to detect and remove the virus.

What is Antivirus software?

Antivirus is a computer program, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses.

Now-a-days there is a number of companies which programmed the antivirus software and you can access these software from anywhereLike Avast, NOD, Security Essentials, and Doctor Etc.

How Anti-Virus program Works?

Anti-virus scan your  computer memory and files  in the forms of pattern,
This may show infection. These pattern based on definition or signature etc, of known viruses.
Programmers  release new and update virus so it is important to update your viruses definition after certain days.

There are two types of scanning.

1. Automatic scanning

    In this type of scanning you can set different files which are automatically scan after a specific time period.

2. Manual Scanning

 This type of scanning is more useful for user in such a way that user manually handle their specific files, folders and drive etc.

There is number of companies which release their own antivirus software, nearly all software do their job in some ways so it is up to you which one you chose,
Like ISP’s technical department but in real these are viruses .So be careful using net time.

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