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Some of you may have experienced such good experience of shopping online for tech gadgets and they got such smiles on their faces. And if you aren't new to online shopping, you might be tempted to online window shopping with ongoing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales using your favorite browsers. It seems people feel more relax shopping online, rather they hover around a shopping mall in their neighborhood skipping crowded shopping to win cashier's attention.

However, it isn't very easy walk-through shopping for an electronics Gadgets amid there can be costly shipping may hurt your budget either you feel better with it or not. This may include heavy taxes by governments and uncertain currency conversion rates can bump you back to on foot shopping. This could help you in shopping online.

Spotting the deals

Before you can actually make a purchase, you'll need to find the best online retailer to shop at. If you've ever searched a product name and model number on Google, you might have noticed that price recommendations occasionally appear--usually giving quotes from various merchants. This is a good place to start but shouldn't be your only tool to snag a bargain.
Amazon deal
You can get better prices from other retailers on Amazon.
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While would be the first online store to come to mind, there are other retailers as well such as Newegg (computers, PC accessories and other electronics), B&H (mainly camera related gear) and DealExtreme (affordable computer accessories), too.
If you're not sure which place has the best price, does offer deals from other retailers so you should click on those if you aren't satisfied with Amazon's price--do note that smaller retailers may charge extra for shipping and could be less reliable. Additionally, you can also browse sites that compile the better online offers such as dealnews and, just to name a couple.

Adding stuff to your cart

So when you've got exactly what you want at a good price. It's time to add stuff to your cart. Some tips while adding products to your cart, ensure you've set in the right quantity you require and double check that the price you saw on the product page matches that in your virtual cart. It  is a strategy that some online businesses display even better price after the product has been "carted". Do note that it's better to already have an account with your online site of choice to avoid losing out on limited time offers as registering can take a few minutes.

Getting additional discounts

One thing you must have aware of are discount coupons most of the sites provide during such deals in holidays and special offers. While you may think you already have the best deal on that latest tech gadget, there are some sites that provide coupons for further discounts. These are additional discounts which could sometimes even provide free shipping or tax free delivery to you. And some may have low price in deal.

You may also be aware of include compatibility with systems where you live, whether it's the power supply, telecommunications network or a power plug that won't fit your socket. Due to these issues, we generally wouldn't recommend buying tech that requires to be plugged into a wall outlet to work (unless the savings are phenomenal); although rechargeable devices should be fine (USB ports can charge many tablets, for instance). Phones are another purchase that may be problematic. The last major issue is mass--the bigger and more expensive products may not be so cost-effective to ship. Here's a summary of what you should look out for in various products:

TVs: Power supply may not be compatible, hefty shipping costs, may lack Asian language support, possible TV system incompatibility (PAL or NTSC).

Phones: Need to be unlocked, network incompatibility, language support.

Cameras: Power adapter may not be universal, may lack Asian language support.

Laptops and tablets: May lack Asian language support, larger models can be expensive to ship.

Speakers: In-built power supply (for powered speaker and subwoofers) may be incompatible, larger speakers are heavy and very expensive to ship.

Blu-ray Discs: Region codes may not be compatible with disc players in some parts of Asia.

E-book readers: Some e-book stores don't sell books to those without a local credit card.

Solid state drives: Larger capacity drives are expensive and may incur high taxes when shipped, expensive to ship drive back if faulty.

Household appliances: Power supply may be incompatible, large appliances are expensive to ship.

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