Bluetooth Laser Virtual keyboard

Bluetooth Laser Virtual keyboard

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard: A Compact Virtual Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth Laser Virtual keyboard is an amazing gadget that will really change your typing experience. This bluetooth laser projected virtual keyboard is actually a laser projector that projects a keyboard on any flat surface, and you can then use it like a normal keyboard. Also this projected virtual keyboard produces key-hit so
und for every keystroke.

This compact virtual wireless keyboard is having 63 keys and full size QWERTY layout, also it can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard.
Features of this bluetooth laser virtual keyboard:

1: Connects to PDAs, Smartphones and Computers using Bluetooth
2: Projects a full size keyboard onto any flat surface
3: It has rechargeable battery, which allows 120 minutes of continuous typing on complete charging.
4: Quite a small size, just 3.5 inches.
5: Due to its very small size as compared to conventional keyboards it is quite convenient to use and you can carry it anywhere very easily.
6: It is Compatible with PalmOS 5, PocketPC 2003, Windows Smartphone, Symbian OS, and Windows 2000/XP. Limited Mac OSX Support.

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