Climb Java's Volcanoes Indonesia

More than half of the world's sub aerial volcanoes lie within the Ring of Fire, a series of volcanic uprisings that line the edge of the Pacific tectonic plate, and one of the most dramatic hot spots is Indonesia's Java, home to 42 volcanoes that have caused untold damage over the millennia. The only way to really understand the power of a volcano is to witness it in the flesh. That's why Germany-based outfitter Volcano Discovery offers 18-day vulcanologist-guided trips through the heart of Java.

Participants visit more than half a dozen live volcanoes, kicking the trip off by sailing up to Krakatoa, which exploded in 1883 and tore the former island to shreds. During the following weeks, they camp on Rakata Island's shores, soak in hot springs, hike up to peer into craters, and, if they're lucky, watch as an active volcano spews glowing hot lava down its shoulders. They also see the lasting effects of these cataclysmic eruptions, including lunar-like landscapes of ash fields, lava flows, turquoise lakes, steaming craters, and simmering mud pools. It's all a distinct reminder of the Earth's internal, ever present inferno.
Volcano Discovery offers 18-day Volcanoes of Java tours from $2,723, including accommodations, transportation and meals (

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