Gadgets that Won't Let You Get Bored

Gadgets that Won't Let You Get Bored
 So you get bored of your life? Do you really looking for some gadgets that won’t let you bored? So stop waiting for because I have a list of some amazing gadgets for you. You will really enjoy them.

Mindflex game to explore your power of thought

An excellent mental sharpness game is designed by Mattel that makes your dreams come true. Called the Mindflex game, this device is able to measure your brainwave activity by means of sensors positioned on your forehead and earlobes. Once your concentration is well focused, a tiny foam ball will go up while giving your thoughts a complete rest will go down the ball.

Mindflex game

This interesting device operates based on your mental and physical coordination, so may easily navigate the ball to overcome some changeable obstacles and it is up to you how tricky you want them to be.
This marvelous Mindflex game is powered by 4 C batteries and 2 AAA Alkaline batteries not included. The Mindflex game is suitable for gamers aged at least 8 years old. This mouth watering game can be had for 80 USD with you using your own brainwaves to move desired objects.

Colored Shower with LED Shower Head

Now have a cool disco shower mood! Streams of water, colored in different colors that is a cool therapy! Funky LED Color Changing Shower Head turns this usual procedure in a magic operation. No need to have your usual shower equipment to be changed, everything that is necessary - is to replace your actual shower head with new Led one and to use it with pleasure.

The one most amazing thing about this gadget is that it is able to detect water temperature and to illuminate water accordingly. When temperature vary between 33°c - 41c blue light is on, when 42°c - 45°c is turn of red light, when temperature is below 32°c - have your fresh green shower! Also it can help user to understand is the temperature good for him or not - only having a single glance on the color of shower.
Colored Shower with LED Shower Head

No batteries are required, because Led is self powered. Its work is based on force, created in internal turbine from the running through water. Installation does not require any special experience; simply screw the new LED shower head instead of old.

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 made especially for Windows Vista

Finally when Vista software is out on the market the Microsoft Corporation has released its new wireless mouse and keyboard. The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment desktop 7000 is a set of a keyboard and rechargeable mouse.

The mouse is the Microsoft's first rechargeable mouse and they have made it great. First of all, the mouse and the keyboard work using Bluetooth technology. They can work from up to 30 feet away from your computer.
Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000

Additional buttons like multimedia and some gadget buttons are placed on the keyboard. These buttons will work only with Windows Vista because only Vista has a "gadget" side-bar. And there are a lot of them, in addition to multimedia buttons that have become usual for a keyboard. The multimedia buttons will let you remotely control all the devices that are connected using Windows Media Center; this makes your keyboard a cool remote control.

Mouse keys are specially created for Vista too. For example, pushing the middle button (scroll) will let you see the thumbnails of all the windows that you have opened. The other cool function that is added: You can magnify a portion of the screen. This will help you when viewing some pictures, or reading small fonts.

Waterwalkerz to burn off your energy while running on water

If you want to feel like a hamster, here is a right gadget for you called Waterwalkerz. This cool device makes it possible for you to run on water. So if you are interested in burning off a lot of energy while running on water, this beautiful inflatable ball made of plastic will give you up to 30 minutes of free water walking until the air presence allows. Hopefully, you will get enough energy for a crazy running of 30 minutes.

The balls are constructed from plastics known as Thermoplastic polyurethanes to feature elastic and transparent abilities. Besides, the balls are rated to be abrasion resistant meaning you will be able to have fun rolling along the pebble beaches. These rugged balls measure 2 meters in diameter so its size is good enough for being used in swimming pools of just 8 foot in diameter with a 25 meter swimming pool being enough for water running competition of 5 water runners at the same time.

According to its producer, this amazing ball is capable of carrying 90 kg weight limit but those fun loving people with a weight of 110 kg who used a ball had no troubles using it. Waterwalkerz are mostly designed for those who organize parties or team competitions. Waterwalkerz can be had for 710 USD with blowers available for 199 USD. With Waterwalkerz balls, you will be able to continuously and effortlessly rotate whether you are next to a lake, beach or swimming pool.

Waterwalkerz are the balls that take your energy consuming fun to the next level. Using these funny balls, you will be also able to stay physically fit. Fitness on water has never been so fun plus a ball is safe and easy to operate. There is no time limit when to use it as it can be used all year round whether it is a swimming pool or a lake.

If you have a child, 5 minutes of using Waterwalkerz will be enough for some exhausting running on water. In addition, it is very durable and trustworthy. You can easily repair it if you get punctured. Among other activities to practice there is football or sumo, fitness or just crazy running. Anyway it appears to be very exhausting but it worth using it.

Portable Digital Microscope that fits in palm

As we all know about microscopes from the biology classes or other places. They are bulky metal tools, created for magnifying something very small. The most unpleasant thing about them is that they are not portable, they are big, and it is hard to capture magnified image. Of course, there exist highly functional electronic microscopes, but they are very expensive. Portable and not so expensive version of electronic microscope could be very useful in biological laboratories or in small researches, when it is unnecessary to buy expensive fully functional electronic ones.

The Digital Mobile Microscope (FUN-300) is a gadget that comes not only for entertainment, but also for small researches and educational purposes. It is so small and portable, even can be compared in size with a mobile phone or MP3 player, and can be easily kept in a pocket. Bright 1.8 inched LCD screen, showing 65k of colors, will show magnified image from a 640 x 480 VGA camera. Levels of magnification are between 5x to 90x. There are four image effects, such as gray, emboss and inverse. However, the most interesting function is split screen photo, which makes possible to compare different images from different parts of object. This gadget is powered by three AAA batteries or it can be powered via USB if desired.
Portable Digital Microscope

Digital Mobile Microscope can greatly help in wide area of activities. For example, in counterfeit revealing - expertise can be done at place, without necessity of using laboratories for simple examination. It can be used even as a good gift to the student, because with this digital help it will be much more comfortable and interesting to explore our world, even its smallest parts. Price for this interesting device is 199 dollars.

PC remote control – vista media control

Are you a real computer geek? Then your collection needs only one more geek gadget - the PC remote control, plug and play vista media control. It looks like a common TV remote control but is a little smarter.

It allows you to control your Window Vista operating system and its media functions. Now you can plug and use freely without any need for drivers or software.
PC remote control

This function will happen as soon as you install the USB remote control dongle. You will notice that your music files, photos, DVD, video, TV and radio software will run as just as if it were a common TV.

It has a single computer key OFF / Hibernate / Restart and a volume control has an 8meters (25 feet) range. Measures 115*52*7 mm and includes 1 button battery for the power source.

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