Not Yet Used Facebook? So Get Started

Have you yet used face-book? If not, then get started with it. Get interacted with your family and friends all over the world. Enhance your business, advertise your books, and display your creations, promote your instruments. And enjoy connecting with the world.


Not Yet Used Facebook? So Get Started

Face-book is social media networking. It is connection million numbers of people to interact with each other, to know about and to tell others about their profession and product.
Face-book was launched in February 2004 and it is being operated and privately owned by face-book. With the passage of time it is providing more features for its users and making privacy strict for the hackers.

Log In & Sign Up Form 

Not Yet Used Facebook? So Get Started
For being a user of face-book you must sign-up the form on the front page of the face-book. And after signing up u can log in easily into face-book and can reach anywhere on face-book where ever you want. 

Face-Book Profile

Every user of the face-book has its own profile. To have a profile means that the individual has his own identity on the platform of face-book.
Every instance declares its qualification, skill. Profession, nationality, and all about them they want.
You can communicate to the person you want by knowing data about them to get connected with them.

Face-Book Pages

Face-book pages are the electronic document on the face-book. These pages describes about the about a specific topic, thing, product, place, activity etc. these pages contain a lot of information in the forms of pictures, text, links. You can share that information to every one you want and you can express that you liked the information by clicking user can present his views in the comment box. User can also use face-book with page name.


Face-book allows you to send messages to the entity you want. User can send attachment to the other users including pictures and documents.

Voice Calls

Face-book provides the facility to call your friends and family over the social media. You can talk to them ant time at any place.

Privacy Settings

Not Yet Used Facebook? So Get Started
Privacy policies allow you to show your data to which you want. If you want to show to all, choose public option. If to the friends then choose only friends. If you don't want to show your data to anyone then choose only me option. And so on.

Account settings

Not Yet Used Facebook? So Get Started
Account settings permit you to change your name, password, E-mail, Linked accounts, privacy, account security and deactivation of your account.

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