Pen Personal Computer

With the passage of time everything is becoming easy and luxuries for the common people. Everything is converted to the world of electronic gadgets from the world of papers and pencils. Those electronic small gadgets are also being wrapped into the small transparent and easily containable gadgets, which a user can easily take with him at any place. As the world going fast, new concepts are emerging on the planet of technology and the new devices. These devices are for the benefit of the human beings, just because they are demanding efficiencies in the new technologies day by day.
Ultra portable personal computer is rising in the new technology. This is for the comfort of the user to make it smaller in its size. It is move-able easily from one place to the other. User can move with these gadgets with ease. User can take these devices calmly with him without any fear to lose them.
Pen Personal Computer

This ultra portable laptop is dependent on four or five pens but they are not real pens they look like. Each pen has a specific task to perform to make a laptop on the spot for the use.
Pen Personal Computer

These pens can be attached to each other to form a small portable laptop through laser beams and small ports.
One of these pens contains a small projector that helps the user to see the display of the working as an output. This small projector can work as a display screen to show results if the data or information.
Pen Personal Computer

The second pen structure provides the user facility to type on the laser keyboard. This keyboard supports the concept of laser beams, when and where these beams are beaked, a new word is typed on the projector display.
The third pen plays the role of CPU that collects the data and information from all the other components of this tiny computer. And also compute the instructions of the user and then shows the result of the task on the output display.
One of these pens supports to see everything as a built in camera into the pen. And can record movies and also can capture pictures with it.
The fifth one pen is a connector that connects all the devices of the small computer through signals and waves of transmission. This is the reason of the communication among all the devices of the tiny computer or ultra portable laptop.
Pen Personal Computer

This is how these all pens work together to form a personal computer or an ultra portable laptop. And make a support for the user to easily connect it anywhere at any plane place.
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