Snow-Corn Handy Technology with built in Camera and Wifi

Since a few years it is possible to carry a number of systems with you very easily just because of the smart designs in the technology. The devices are getting smaller and elegant in more efficient way. Technicians are willing their best to introduce new in every rising day. People have got addicted of the new technologies. They want to be up-to-date as the technology is being changed. Technology is changing its faces as a storm in the fashion field. Inventors are inventing gadgets as fashionably wearable. People are promoting the gadgets that can enhance their personality and can fulfill their requirements.

Snow-Corn`s Design


Snow-corn is the rising concept in upcoming inventions of the technology. Technicians have tried to provide people and new generation, a small, beautiful, and smart gadget, So that the user can easily move with them. This device is wearable around hands and looks graceful and stylish. It is light in weight and it is very easy to carry it for the user. It looks like a thin strip or a bracelet around your hands, made up of ironic and transparent technology techniques. It is flexible that you can also wear it around your neck. It is easy to carry anywhere, at any time and can also put it on your clothes.


Snow-corn is full of the basic functions for the users. This flexible device has built-in camera, projector, and a Wi-Fi connecting device. 
Camera allows the user to shoot the meant objects for the future use. The user can store those captures into his other gadgets and can also see them by using the same device.
Projector permits the user to view the entire desired thing on the transparent touch screen. The user can also see the time and other basic functions on the transparent touch screen. User can use those functions by clicking on them with his fingers.

With the help of built-in Wi-Fi connecting device user can connect to the internet connection on his gadget at anytime on anyplace. With the help of this gadget user can scan the business cards via Wi-Fi connection and can get their information from his address book.

User using this gadget can find out the meanings of the difficult words and also can search for the phrases.  And can also get other dictionary supports as the translation of the words.

User can also search out for the different paths of the railway station with the help of this tiny smart gadget.

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