What you need to set up a Network?

Computers and internet connections are being used in every field of life with the advancement of current era. Industries are promoting to work in a fast manner with the latest technology. It is essential to have at least 10 computers in the small business or at home. It is very costly to afford separate internet connection, hardware peripherals (laser printers, scanners), and copies of soft-wares for each of the computer.  Networking helps us to avoid these huge expenses. Networking allows each computer to share data and hardware which saves the time and budget. And it is supportive to share data over the network instead of visiting each other after a while for getting data.

Wireless and wire based network

Wireless Networkin
It is also important to determine that which type of networking you want. It can be a wireless networking or wired networking. Wireless network is more attractive and easy to use for the users. User can make an easy and flexible environment for the visitor. There is no problem of wires that where to arrange them and where to set them. These wireless connections can be in the forms of USB and can be a transmission through signals.

Wired Networking
Whereas the Ethernet-based wired networks are still more reliable instead of the wireless network.

What you need to set up a network?

You must ensure that your operating system have networking capability. The operating systems being used now provide a user to create a network. Operating systems like Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X have networking capabilities. You can create a network by using these operating systems.

Networking Equipments
Separately from the computers you will need some networking equipments like you must need wireless or wired routers, USB, Modem and repeaters (this all material depends on the architecture of the network).
You may need a few cables, hubs, network adapters to connect your peripherals and your computers in a network.
Wi-Fi network has a specification with all of its hardware components.

Wi-Fi Router
Wi-Fi is now a day is very popular for the new uses. For the networking with the Wi-Fi it is important that all the devices have Wi-Fi hardware/software and Wi-Fi router. If you want to connect other peripherals, they also must have Wi-Fi compatibility. Place the router at a specific distance so that it can help you to re-boost the Wi-Fi signals.

For the wired networking, put the wires (twisted pairs, coaxial cables) into the router.  Place one side of the wire in the router`s LAN port and the other one into the device. Put mail WAN wire in the place of WAN.
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