World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat

On September 27th of 2010, the world’s largest solar-powered boat – the TÛRANOR PlanetSolar – set out from Monaco on a quest to become the first boat to sail around the world using nothing put the power of the Sun.
The boat consists of three hulls which support 537 square metres (5,780 sq ft) of solar panels. These panels trap energy from the sun and store it in 6 sets of 12 lithium ion batteries. They power four electric motors which enable the boat to achieve up to 14 knots. The boat has been constructed using a carbon fibre and foam layered material which keeps it extremely light.

A crew of five piloted the 31-meter (102-ft) long, 15-meter (49-ft) wide vessel, which is covered in 537 square meters (5,780 sq ft) of solar panels. These provide power to four electric motors (two located in each hull), that have a maximum output of 120 kW and can propel the boat to a speed of 14 knots. It is constructed mainly of a light yet durable carbon fiber-sandwich material.
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