Conjoined Spaceship Concepts

Conjoined Spaceship Concepts
The XLDron M Gravity is Designed for Casual Cosmonauts
Published: Jan 7, 13 References: and tuvie
The XLDron M Gravity is a conceptual vehicle designed by Oscar Vinals for space tourism. The ship consists of two parts: an unmanned rocket booster (the XLDron) and a docking station (the M Gravity). The booster would be used to get travelers into orbit. Once the appropriate altitude is reached, Vinals says 65,000 feet should do, the M Gravity pops off of the XLDron and fires up its own engines to reach space. The ship would only be capable of cruising the cosmos for a short amount of time before it would need to be docked again.

As futuristic of a design as the XLDron M Gravity is, don’t be shocked to see something like this become commonplace in the next few years. The space tourism industry may be in its infancy, but its clear that it will grow
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