How to Change IP Address Using CMD

How to Change IP Address Using CMD
I have explained briefly in one of my articles that What is an IP Address? So I will not describe it in this article. So going ahead to know How to change an IP address?. There are several different methods to change your IP Address but I am going to show you one of the best ways to do this job. I personally use this method it 100% works.

So Let's Start 

First of all,  go to this website to find out your current IP Address.

Press Window Logo+R to open the Run dialog box. Now type cmd in the text box and press enter.


Here in Command Prompt write a command "ipconfig /release" without quotes and press Enter.
How to Change IP Address Using CMD

Now close your CMD by crossing or by Entering "exit" command and Unplug your Modem Device.
Now go to the control panel and type "adapter" in the search bar and click on the "View Network Connections" as highlighted in the figure bellow.

Network Connectionss

From your Network Connections right click on LAN (Local Area Network) and Disable it. Now Plug back your Modem and wait for 1 minute so that all the connections reset.

Right Click again on LAN and Enable it.


Go again to the website .

You will amazed that your IP Address has been changed. If in some cases this not works Shut Down your PC at the same time when you unplug MODEM device.

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