New Concept I-Phone 5

Apple is introducing new and advanced series of I-Phones for the people and to provide them a number of applications in one gadget. I-Phone 5 is very easy to describe in the simple wording that it is lighter in weight, stylish in look, wider and taller than previous I-Phone, and also thinner. The biggest merit of it is this that it is much faster and sharper in its resolution and graphic working.

Shape and Size

For the beginners I-Phone has managed a thinner t 1.4mm in its thickness. There is obviously no denying that the I-Phone 5 is impressively thin. The screen of the I-Phone 4GS was large from its back whereas the screen of I-Phone 5 it larger from its front and it is a little bit taller than the size of I-Phone 4GS.  The weight of I-Phone 4S is approximately 140g but the weight of I-Phone 5 is 28g at just 112gs. This is the difference that if you pick up I-Phone 5 you`ll feel that it is lighter in its weight.
There are some artificial changes in the new model of this cell phone to make it look more attractive. An aluminum construction is extended around its back. Which is anodized black and the left depends whether the user opt for the lighter or darker from the offerings. It is a little thick on the top and at bottom.


I-Phone 5 contains processors named A6-Processor, which is a chip not easily described by the Apple. It is two times faster than the A5-Processor and also 22 percent smaller. Its Dual-Processors are of 1.05GHz with 1GB RAM in it.


The I-Phone 5 uses a new 4-inch display additionally half-inch for the diagonal, which gives the users enough are to the customers to use their I-Phone 5. The I-Phone 4S was best in the its display features, brightness, color contrast and graphics on the other hand I-Phone has improved the display of it made it batter in contrast and brightness and additionally made 174 rows of the pixels to make graphic sharper and more clear.  In fact in the sub-picture it shows the graphics and pictures with the same efficiency.


The camera of I-Phone is a little bit improved from the camera of I-Phone 4S. It is similar like eye-sight camera. The protective bit of glass has been replaced with 6mm of the crystal disc azure the stability. The camera is 8 mega pixels and its resolution is 11,000×2,500. You can easily capture movie too and if you up and down during recording the movie, you will get the effectively cropping the image.

Performance and Battery

I-Phone 5 did not disappointed either it has a good performance over all, in its styling, working and everything. Its data transmission rate is 10-20Mbps, and its battery timings are 14 hours.

Operating System

Apple is using its latest operating system in its new and upcoming software name as Black-pool. This operating system software has the ability to run on, from I-Phone 3S to onwards.

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