Pin Lights stake your tent and light up your campsite

Pin Lights stake your tent and light up your campsite
Pin Lights are an innovative camping concept from a group of designers. The lights are essentially large pins that take the place of tent stakes. Not only do they keep your tent stable in the wind, but they light up your campsite.
The Pin Light was imagined by a team of designers - Kim Jung Su, Kim Dong Hwan, Yoon Ji Soo and Yoon Jae Sun. The concept is simple but quite practical.
Pin Lights are just what their name suggests: they are lights and they are shaped like pins. The idea is to use these “pin lights” instead of tent stakes so that at one shot, you get both stable tents as well as illumination around the tent.
The illumination is helpful because it reduces the risk of people tripping on a stake or a guy rope. The environmental-friendliness of the solution derives from the fact that each “pin light” is powered by solar batteries that get charged during the day. This solar energy is converted to electrical energy at night.
Each individual lamp has an on/off switch. Once you’re ready to retire for the night, you can leave just a light or two on; otherwise, you may keep yourself and your camp-site neighbours awake.
The head of the peg is higher than the LED lamp, so that no damage is caused to the light when the peg is being hammered into the ground. A groove on the back of the peg prevents the rope from slipping, giving the tent greater stability.
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