Protect Your Data Using "EASY CRYPTER"

Protect Your Data Using "EASY CRYPTER"

Are you afraid of losing your personal data? Don't worry about it ,Here is best software to protect your data
 which use encryption and decryption to protect your data.

What is encryption

The translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is called plain text encrypted data is referred to as cipher text.

What is decryption

Decryption is the process of taking encoded or encrypted text or other data and converting it back into text that you or the computer are able to read and understand. This term could be used to describe a method of unencrypting the data manually or with unencrypting the data using the proper codes or keys.

Protect Your Data Using "EASY CRYPTER"

Easy crypter

Easy Crypter program provides encryption and decryption of the single or multiple files as well as string (text). It is using TripleDES as a cryptographic algorithm. This is a block encryption algorithm with a symmetric key, i.e. one key is used for both encryption and decryption of data

Easy Crypter a safe and convenient program which allows you to encrypt / decrypt the single or multiple files as well as text, such as e-mail. It is used modern modification of the DES algorithm for encryption one of the best cryptographic algorithms that approved as an official standard in many countries. Easy Crypter is easy to use and does not require any knowledge in the cryptography sphere. The program runs under Windows operating systems.
Protect Your Data Using "EASY CRYPTER"

Main Advantages

  •           Reliable encryption algorithm - TripleDES
  •           High speed data processing;
  •           Simple and intuitive interface;
  •           The ability of simultaneous encryption / decryption of multiple files;
  •           A separate interface for working with the text.

System requirements

personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
It requires installation of Microsoft. NET Framework version 3 or higher for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems 

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