Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4
Everyone is crazy about knowing new gadgets. People want new gadgets time by time just to make them up to date according to the new features into the new devices. They want more facilities and more options in their small gadget, sometimes for their needs and sometimes for their professional uses. Smart-phones are getting smaller in their size and getting more graceful and stylish in their looks with more characteristics and latest features.
Samsung Company is going to introduce a new name and enhanced smart-phone in the world of gadgets. Samsung galaxy s4 is going to be an expected smart-phone of this 2013. This smart-phone can be released in the start of this year. Samsung galaxy s4 is going to have everything that a smart-phone should have in it. On the other hand this smart-phone is going to replace the previous company on the top.     

Samsung Galaxy S4
Many rumors are in for this upcoming Samsung galaxy s4. It is said that this smart-phone is going to be a more durable smart-phone with a plastic casing, which will allow the user to wear it, bend it, and move it in any way as a flexible gadget. This smart-phone will be thin in its size and will be lighter in weight.  One more rumor is on the top about this smart that this smart-phone will support wireless charging system.

Flexibility and Durability

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Company is willing to use the OLED technique in this smart-phone to make it bendable. And this feature will make the device long lasting and unbreakable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Space

The Samsung galaxy S4 will include quad-core 2.o4 GHz processor made by Samsung Company and will have 16 GB of the memory of its own and will be supportive for 32GB memory card with 2 GB of RAM.

Display and Screen

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung is trying to provide people the full entertaining environment in these upcoming small gadgets and they are willing to provide 5 inch screen with 1080×1920 resolution. This Samsung Galaxy S4 will support touch system for its users.

Camera and Video

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsun Galaxy S4 will have 13 mega pixel cameras and 2 mega pixel cameras in front that will help the user to capture sharpen graphics and images. This camera will be able to shoot full stunning HD videos. 

Operating System

According to the rumors the Samsung galaxy S4 will be with Android operating system. It is also expected that this operating system will be pre-installed Android Key Lime Pie. Key Lime Pie has just released and Samsung Galaxy could be the first smart-phone with this key lime pie opening.

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