Evacuated Tube Transport Technology

Evacuated Tube Transport Technology
In the modern era everything is easy to do. People have easy access to everything. With the passage of time, everything in the modern times is being luxurious, comfortable and stylish, and also being improved day by day.  Man has started making solutions to every troubled thing.
For the progress, to be punctual is very important. Sometimes it is not possible to be on time at anyplace. Just because of any technical problem of because of over crawdad vehicle. To come across to this problem technicians are willing for many years and now they introduced a new concept of Evacuated Tube Transport Technology.
The theme working in the back of this concept is to provide people a clean transport, which will be affordable for everyone. This transport will be faster, full of green and also comfortable for the passengers.
The new face of transportation will be in the form of Evacuated Tube Transport Technology, which will be inexpensive for the people. People will be able to have a faster ride without noise moving on with electricity.


Evacuated Tube Transport Technology
A vacuum tube is planned for the passage of passenger sized car consisting on 1.5m diameter. It will be built along with the travel route. Airlocks at the station allow the capsules without admitting air. Linear electric motor accelerates the capsules, which then coasts from side to side the emptiness for the memento of trip via no extra power.  This capsule will have the ability to regenerate the power when it gets slowdown.

Evacuated Tube Transport Technology
Evacuated Tube Transport Technology has the ability to provide 50 times more transportation per KWh than the electric cars and trains.
In the start the speed of Evacuated Tube Transport Technology`s will be 600km/h and can be increased to 6500km/h for the travelling to the other countries. This speed rate will allow the passenger or cargo to travel from New York to Belgium in approximately two hours.
Evacuated Tube Transport Technology is networked in freeways that expect the capsule can automatically move to the destination from its origin.

Evacuated Tube Transport Technology
Evacuated Tube Transport Technology has the only 183 kg weight and it is only able to carry six people or 367 kg of cargo. As compared to the high speed train this V needs only 1/20th of material to build. Because these capsule shape vehicles are very light in weight and automated passive switching, a matchup of Evacuated Tube Transport Technology can go beyond to 32 lanes of freeways. Evacuated Tube Transport Technology can be built for the 1/10th of the expenses of the high speed rail. And 1/4th cost for the single freeway.

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