Itheann: Futuristic LED Watch

Itheann: Futuristic LED Watch
In the era of modernism everyone wants to b familiar of his every moment for being on time at every place. Sam a German designer a new amazing concept of time piece and named it as Itheann. The watch seems outstanding, elegant look and helps you to know time.  It is designed in the C shape and looks like a mouth full of teeth which makes this design more attractive and different from the other designs. This regular design of the watch allows the user to wear it by opening is from both, right and the left side.
Itheann: Futuristic LED Watch
Three LED arrays are designed on this display tells the hours, five ten minutes added up and the nine lone minutes. Making is easy to add every third LED and on the very end space is for showing am or pm. The biting animation is take part in before announcing the time and after every five seconds. The design of LED on this screen is too small that it is easy to swallow in.
According to the designer it was the statement “the time is predator that stalks us all of our lives”, which emphasized him to think that if it`s reality. The different thing is only this that the time is already a quarry, which is being consumed by human in his activities and workings.       
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