Google Babble: A Concept To Merge All Chat

Google Babble: A Concept To Merge All Chat
Google is soon going to gather all the chat services on a single track, will be named as Babble. According to new news, Google will merge all the services from all of its communication services providers. Rather most of them have their own features and qualities, which are not compatible to integrate together.
In this Babble, user will be able of gathering everything to the Google or Gmail, like sharing photos, live chats and many more with all of his contacts and to their Google Hangout too. User will be ale of using the same features same chat menu and same contacts for whatever Google Product they are using.
In this grand unification the Google`s communication to get merge will take a long time, anyone who have used Google Hangout, Chat, Google Drive, Google+ and many have seen a huge difference in all of them. However it is not possible to use any Google`s product from one to the other.   
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