Humanity And Inhuman Behavior

Humanity And Inhuman Behavior
Humanity ever taught us the lesson of helping everyone whether that one is black or white but these teachings are getting fade with the passage of time. Man is getting cruel to the other one. His adventures, hobbies and passions are over coming to him. He is willing more to promote his passion and activities instead of helping humanity.
Here the story “The Damned Human Race” by “Mark Twain” seems to be true that the man is crueler to any animal in the world. He ever wanted to fill his own appetite, whether that one is for the food, for his passion or for his greed, which can never fill-up.
In-spite of capturing this worse moment, this was possible to help this poor creature, but the camera man just focused on the human just as an object to capture this moment as adventurous sight, and showed an inhuman act to all over the world. 
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