“World`s Smallest Cell-Phone Charger” Works As Emergency Backup

 “World`s Smallest Cell-Phone Charger” Works As Emergency Backup
A small Cell-Phone charger, which is claimed to be very “smallest charger”, that helps the user of the smart phones to save a very little of energy for the battery as backup on the time when it is getting dead.
As compared to the other chargers in size, it is quarter. The Fuel Micro Charger is basically designed to provide battery to the users from 20 to 30 minutes in the time of emergency. And can provide more than a few hours when it is on standby mode.
Massachusetts-Based manufacturers Devotec Industries said about it that “this charger is perfect for the user when he has an unexpected delay or haven`t been to charge his Cell-Phone completely, and to make a few calls, can send some E-Mails and can find his path by searching on the maps for the way to his home.”
While using the Fuel Micro Charger, user just should turn on the charger and to plug it in to the Cell-Phone and it will start charging user`s cell phone quickly.
According to its size which is 1.3 by 0.9 by 0.5 Inches, the creators claimed it about the charger as the smallest Cell-Phone charger of the world.        
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