A Robot That Can read Your Mind (PR2)

A Robot That Can read Your Mind (PR2)
If anyone wishes cold drink in the hot sunny day and want just to appear that drink in his front this will might become possible in the future.
Here is the new concept of robot by Willow Garage, which has the ability to read the mind of the human because it is equipped by Microsoft Kinect 3D Camera having a feature to analyze the movement of the body. This Robot is given the name of Mind Reading Robot or PR2 Personal robot.
After analyzing human activities or motions, this robot searches the household things in his database according to the actions or behavior of the human. Let`s consider that you are going for a drive and picking up the remotes of the car, this robot will read your mind that you want to go out of the home and will open the door for you to go out.
This robot also has the feature to pour coffee or beer for you, can put the dirty dishes away and many other unskilled tasks.

Scientist from the Cornell has said that this robot has made 82% right predictions. Of the time looking in the future, 71% for three seconds and 57% for one second. It is also being said that these coming future robots will be able to decide their actions in the future rather it is the matter of hard-coding.
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