American Read Cross Digital Thermometer

American Read Cross Digital Thermometer
Technology is concerned with human being because man has started inventing new things for its own comfort-ability and luxury and is being improving in this field with every rising sun with a latest development every day.
Human being consists of natural software and hardware. As artificial software and hardware can be affected by viruses, similarly man can also be affected by different types of viruses. Flue, cough and temperature are very common in the human beings. They suffer from this disease after time by time.
Precautionary measures must be taken against these small diseases. Checking someone`s temperature a long being experiences and than man started to rely on the mercury-base thermometers for this purpose. Mercury based thermometers were a little bit dangerous for diagnosing high temperatures. After that man invented digital thermometers, which are more secure way to get exact readings of anyone`s body temperature. Although, this tiny thermometer ensure you to get exact reading of the temperature on its digital screen and this design of thermometer will be best for very young children and also for the disable and unconscious patient, don’t have the ability to hold it in their mouth. This is all why this thermometer has been designed for, in America and also being provided and used across the globe as useful instrument to treat the patients.
The American Red Cross Thermometer has the ability of measuring temperature from two ways. One is oral side thermometer and the other side is made to use it to get temperature reading from forehead. The patients can hold thermometer in their mouth can use oral side of the thermometer and the patients are not able of holding thermometer in their mouth can get reading from the other side of the thermometer, specially designed for the disable patients.
Both oral and forehead thermometer sides has icons on their back sides according to their usability. 
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