Interesting About Internet

Interesting About Internet
Apart from using the internet it also has some interesting facts that people yet don`t know about. Using it, is a different thing but knowing about, what`s interesting on it is a different thing.
All the internet information is consistent on 4 exa-bytes and is doubles every year, as 1 exa-byte = 1000 peta-byte, 1 peta-byte = 1000 tera-byte, 1 tera-byte = 1000 gigabye and so on.  
Interesting About Internet
United-States is the largest country on the Face-Book and on the other hand Croatia is the fastest growing country on the Face-Book.
Approximately 81% of the Electronic-Mails are spam.
In the duration of 2012, China accounted for 41% of world`s attacks traffic during the fourth quarter of 2012 making China top source of cyber beatings.
It is possible by the search engine “Google” to handle huge queries of 35 million in a year.
Every eighth couple living today just met because of internet.
Interesting About Internet
First smiley appeared on the internet electronically in 1979 when a man named Kevin tried to express his feelings and this sign looks like “-)”and then after three years Scott added colon in it “: )”  and it took a look like this “J” as we use it now a days.
Hong Kong is providing fastest speed of their internet and its average speed is 54.1Mega-Byte per second. And having this speed, it is very easy to download full HD video in 4 minutes.
 A NEWS website contains as much information as a student of 18th century must have to learn to complete his masters by 50 books whereas, now these websites contains information approximately of 600,000 Books.
Interesting About Internet
The famous social networking website Face-Book has more than 1,110 millions of registered users according to the survey of 31 March 2013. It is hard to know that who does not have a Face-Book account.

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