Keep Your Account More Secure By Following Important And Easy Tips

Keep Your Account More Secure By Following Important And Easy Tips
In the modern ages of science it is possible to save each and everything with the help of passwords. User can make security possible just by reminding a few words in his mind instead of holding a numbers of keys in his hands.
 These passwords do not only protect your gadgets infect, they also protects the data in your accounts and related to them. In the matter of having any password related to your gadgets and other account you can follow a few tips for making its security tight. It is the only thing that make secure to our social media accounts and E-mail accounts to save them from the unauthorized persons.
One should follow the following tips to make a secure password.
•Your password must be long enough it must be at least eight characters or more than.
•Avoid using very small combinations of words which are very easy to guess for the others and also don`t use your father`s, mother`s or pet`s name as password because they are also very easy to guess.  
•Never use same passwords for all of your accounts. Use a little bit different of fully different password for each of your account. This is the essential thing to remember about. Use different password for Google and different for the Face-Book.
•Ever try to choose a difficult password for your accounts, which are not easy to guess. Your password must be the combination of uppercase and smaller-case letters including numbers and symbols (like! #, &, *).
•Never share your passwords with anyone. These are the important secrets must up to you.
•Try to recognize the phishing pages and never give your passwords to the phishing pages. Always give the password to the right phishing page and recognize them by their URL. The Phishing page will have a different URL.
•You can also check the force of your password by checking that online. And use a proper copyrighted tool.

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Keep Your Account More Secure By Following Important And Easy Tips
•Avoid Abbreviations. They will be small and very easy to guess.
•Don’t choose a sequence of words from keyboard like QWERTY.
•Avoid your personal information to set as password such as your Phone-Number, Name etc.
•Also avoid dictionary words to set as password.
By following these important tips, user can make his data more secure than before. And can feel satisfied of being leaking of his data and contacts to any unauthorized person(s). 
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