Motivational Mars Space Consuming Human Waste as a Radiation Shield

Motivational Mars Space Consuming Human Waste as a Radiation Shield
 Human being is trying to make a proper access to the other planets of the universe. They are curious of visiting new places in the universe after the whole earth. The charm to visit and to investigate new places has taken them out of the world.
Dennis Anthony Tito (An American Italian Engineer) planning for an motivated confidential flyby of Mars estimated in 2018 having a lot of logistic confronts during the distance to Mars supposed as 501-Days, at least for shielding his gang from the radiation reactions without consuming expensive resources. This solution by the team to save themselves is an intelligent one, it is not then it is at least a good one to consume Human Waste. The walls of this spacecraft will be lined in a sequence internally with the bags filled with water to make them secure from the huge rays in the space, their filling will be replaced one by one with their side-effects that will because dehydration through the bag probably with the help of polyethylene, and are claiming to purify the water for the further drinking. Saving anything from the radiation is easy with water instead of using any other material and has a very low mass to take with. A simpler way to save life in the spacecraft is to fill the maximum numbers of room with such liquid. If the stimulation Mars group can keep the bags in working with high efficiency out of the world then it would not be warring about their safety as their comfort, as they will be surrounded with their own waste or any other material too.        
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