The Glorious Super-Moon Will Rise Today (Sunday)

The Glorious Super-Moon Will Rise Today (Sunday)
The largest full moon of the 2013, which is also known as “Super-Moon”, will rise up in the sky today. At 7 am EST the moon will be at the perigee, which is a point very closer to the Earth in the moon`s orbit. The estimated distance between the Earth and the moon will be 221,824 miles (356, 99 kilometers).
Sometimes the moon reaches to the perigee at least once in a month but sometimes twice in a month, with their respective distance to Earth unstably 3%. But today will be the closest perigee of the Moon the clear so the Earth of 2013 and after passing 32 minutes; the Moon will be officially full. To see the full Moon in its full face will be the biggest Moon of the year, so that it is said as “Super-Moon”.

You can see the free webcast of the Super-Moon on the 
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