Wearable Tech Bracelet Notifies About Your Smart-Phone

Wearable Tech Bracelet Notifies About Your Smart-Phone
News about the wearable techs is on the top. Different companies are introducing different gadgets to wear and to make them easy to use and also to attach them with your other gadgets like Smart-phones and others.
After a revolution of the Google Glass and the Smart watches by the Apple and Samsung, other small companies are also participating in introducing new smart techs. Embrace+ is also one of those gadgets. This wearable tech bracelet notifies you about your smart-Phone, while that is in your Purse or in pocket.
Notifications on this wearable gadget can be set by the user of the gadget according to his requirement. User can set up notification for the calls, text messages, E-Mails and also Social Media (Twitter, Face-Book) notifications. 
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