Top 10 Lies of Science Taught at School

The mesmerizing discoveries of science have no boundaries. Science has revealed many facts about our very own planet earth and even things outside it. We are among the generations that are enjoying its fruits and the upcoming generation will be luckier than us. Beside all the miraculous inventions and exposures, there were lies behind some stories that we have been taught in school. I have composed a list of ten lies that I found biggest deception of science. Following is the list of these ten awful lies.

10. Duck’s quake does not echo

In the era of my early school days, I remember that my teachers taught me about animals and their characteristics.  These were the days when I learnt that duck’s quake cannot be echoed but as I grow up, I came to know that this is not a fact. Actually the duck’s voice can echo and the claim is wrong. The reality is that human ear is not capable of hearing it due to some external conditions.  This is now proved from many experiments in which duck’s sound is exposed into a room which is specially designed for sound reflection. The echo of duck’s sound was heard once which concludes that the myth is wrong and it is possible to hear duck’s echoed voice but with a little more effort.

9. Bats are blind

You might have gone through classes in which your teachers gave you lessons about bats blindness which is a false claim. This belief was set because this animal locates things it its surrounding through biosonar. This is a property of many kinds of animals by which they locate things through echo of their sound. Biosonar basically came from biological sonar. The fact is that bats are blessed with eyes and they can sight objects but they do not use them as a primary sense to position objects. This characteristic of bats let many scientist to call them blind which is a false statement.

8. COis pollutant and injurious

You have heard statement’s like reduce the consumption and production of carbon dioxide and save the planet earth from global warming and many other proclamations about negative impact of carbon dioxide on environment because it is pollutant and injurious for health. But I came to know that this is not the fact. COis not responsible for pollution. Other gas like nitrogen occupies 80 percent of atmosphere and if the atmosphere contains 100 percent of nitrogen then we would no longer be able to live healthily.  Life on earth will be in danger without carbon dioxide since it is also very necessary. Plants require carbon dioxide in order to grow vigorously.  Actually the toxic substances mixed with CO2 from industries are liable for pollution.

7. All people are different

All of us think that we are different from each other. This is because we have been taught this way. But the recent surveys discovered this fact that all human being are same as they behave and act in a similar manner when exposed to similar situations. This is a raging myth, out spread because of school teachings. This is only our appearance which distinguishes us but our behavioral attributes and reactions are same in same conditions. Many experiments have been taken to prove this myth and the result is that this is another fact of science which is proved to be wrong.

6. Human brain has five senses

This is most common fact which we learnt at school that human brain has five senses. This is nothing more than just another deceit of science. Human brain has more than five senses which range from 9 to 20. The old theory says that human brain has five senses that are sight, smell, taste, touch and listening power. The theory have been expanded by scientists and researchers in which they proved that human body also have other senses like sense of equilibrium and speed, nociception to feel pain, properiception to sense positioning and thermoception for temperature etc. These are not limited to these senses others may include hunger, itching, sense of time, sense of stomach need and urination and many more.

5. Eight glasses of water a day are necessary for human health

It is a general belief that drinking water is necessary for life. We are trained to take at least eight glasses of water daily. But the fact is little different. It is not necessary to take 8 glasses of water daily. In order to keep hydrated we can take other drinks that can fulfill our need of water like juices, fruits and vegetables. In many circumstances it is noticed that people survived without having an intake of water for many months. They took other drinks as a substitute of water.

4. The Great Wall of China is visible from moon

I read many stories in school which say that Great Wall of China is the only human made thing which is visible from moon. This myth has never been proved by Apollo astronauts nor by earth orbiting astronauts. The pictures taken from outside the earth have no glimpse of the Great Wall of China. Nevertheless, an image from space contains the look of city lights of earth. The rumor was popularized by Richard Halliburton which was later clarified by jay apt.

3. Black holes suck all matters in environs

The wicked image of black holes has been set by our teachers at school when they taught us that it sucks all the matter around it.  This a contrary image of black hole. They might have the ability to suck objects but not necessarily all of them. The explosive process is responsible for the collapse of stars in the black hole. Even the gravitational energy and mass is also very low.  It only has stronger gravitational force on its surface which is the biggest reason of its misconception.

2. Seasons are caused by the closeness of earth to sun

We learnt that seasons changes from summer, winter spring and autumn because of earth’s closeness to sun. This is a wrong myth. In fact many cities have summer when the distance between the earth and sun has been increased.  Recent research shows that seasons are caused by the change in angle of earth on its axis. Earth receives more radiation from sun when it is oriented perpendicular to sunlight which causes the change in seasons. This research has proved that there is no effect of distance between sun and earth on climates instead it is due to the angular motion of earth on its axis.

1. Newton discovered law of gravity because of an apple

This is the most interesting story I heard in school days that an apple fell on the head of Isaac Newton and this is how he discovered law of gravity. The reality behind the story is that it was never mentioned by Newton himself and the story came into existence after many decades of discovery of law of gravity.  So this story is the biggest lie of science that our teachers taught us in school. But the story added up a humorous aspect in the very important and serious discovery of science.

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