Capture Your Meant WebPages

Capture Your Meant WebPages
I often wanted to capture the whole webpage to the extent that can scroll down and I am sure you also wanted to do the same thing for many times but it was not easy to do because you had only a single feature to capture a single screen that can only help you to view a single part of the full page that a length of huge number of data. Now it is possible to capture a full page in its length with the help of a Chrome Extension Presented by Google. Follow these steps to get the extension and to capture your meant entire Web Page.
Firstly go to the Chrome Web Store and get the “Screen Capture” by searching into the Search Box.
Select your “Screen Capture (By Google)” extension and Install it to your Gadget.
After completing the installation select the Screen Capture option by clicking on it and then go to the option “Capture Whole Page” or you can also use the Short Keys from the Keyboard Ctrl+Alt+H.
As a result of the command the Chrome will start to scroll down to Capture the Whole Web Page for once and to finish capturing. Then an option bar will be appeared on which will allow you to make different actions with this capturing like; Saving, Annotation and Sharing.
Now you can Share and Save different WebPages as more as you want.

After installing and using this Extension; share your experience with Muddlex in the Comment Portion.
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