Helpless Burma Muslims, Awaiting for Islamic World

Myanmar (Burma) consisting of fifty four million population, is a Southeast Asian country which borders link India, China, Laos and Thailand. Eighty nine percent of people of this country are the followers of Buddhism, four percent are associated with Christianity, four percent are Muslims and remaining three percent are from different religion. So the status of Muslim in this region is minority.
Muslims total population in Rohingyas: Approximately twenty lac sixty thousand.
The detail of Rohingya Muslims refugees in Burma and other countries:-
Burma: Approximately eleven lac.
Saudi Arabia:  Approximately four lac.
Bangladesh: Approximately three lac.
Pakistan: Approximately two lac.
Thailand: Approximately one lac.
Malaysia: Approximately sixty thousand.
The west state of Myanmar is Rakhine Rohingya is a Muslim majority province which is a poorest state of Myanmar. In the meantime the Rohingya Muslims live helplessly in the relief camps and their daily life routine is pathetic. Now the situation is that they don’t be given the citizenship of this country where they have been inhabited since ancient times. These people are stateless in their own state and critically supervised. It is put a judgement on the strength of their family, they don’t even have the religion freedom and employment facilities. The conflict between Buddhist extremists and Burma’s Muslims has been more than one year and during this Rohingya Muslim’s genocide continues. From last three months the terrorists of Buddhist followers kill brutally Muslims as at least twenty thousands are martyred and millions are displaced.

According to an estimation, the Bangladesh southern coastal district, which is border with Myanmar, almost three lac Rohingya’s are residing, but Bangladesh only gives tenth part of these people, treated as refugees. The prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hassina wajid claimed that “rohingya Muslims are the citizens of Burma, Bangladesh can’t afford their hospitality for a long time, they have to depart from here.”
This time in the Andaman Sea, the thousands of refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh are stuck in ships. These refugees are in very panic condition due to lack of food and water.

According to Al to solidarity with oppressed Muslims and to provide them with emergency aid the Turkish Prime Minister RajabTayab Ardogan along with his wife Amina Begum including Minister of foreign affairs with other Government Authorities visit the affected areas. During the visit the Turkish delegation met the victims of Burma and tried to share their grief. 

On the other side the OIC organization of Islamic countries is completely silent. Is there is no Islamic state or organization is ready to take action for these oppressed people? 

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