How to Track and Control your Android phone within few Seconds for Free

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the 3 minutes of easy Video Bellow to learn how to use Android Device Manager:

Losing your phone is not really a situation you want to be in but it is something that can happen. If you do find yourself in such a situation you can use Android Device Manager to remotely locate, secure or erase your Android Phone. The last thing you want is for your data to be accessible. Let's help you make sure your phone is set up for any eventuality.

What is Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager works in the same way as BlackBerry Protect does for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. You can use it to find your device's approximate location, ring your device (if you've simply misplaced your phone somewhere in your house), and lock your device or erase it remotely. It is a free service provided by Google.

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