8 Interesting Kitchen Gadgets and Tools to Make Food Attractive for Children

Children don’t always love to eat foodstuff. They run away from the food and the mothers have to chase them every time. And when caught, we can put the food on their plates, but can’t make them eat it. A little bit of added fancy could make food attractive for kids. Which means we might never have to force them to eat again.
Here are some kitchen gadgets and tools to make food attractive for children.

Egg Molds

Egg Molds is a pair of plastic, clamshell molds that are used to form hard boiled eggs into cute shapes.
Place a warm hardboiled egg on one side of the mold and firmly close the other side over it. Put the mold in cold water and leave for 10 minutes. When you open up the mold your egg will have transformed into a car, a fish, anything your cute mold enables.

Hello Kitty Toaster 

Now if someone would just make one that leaves Iron man in the middle of my toast that would be great. With extra wide slots, cancel option, removable crumb tray, adjustable browning levels and high-lift carriage you can pull your children towards toasts.

Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box

With 5 practical compartments portioned for a child’s appetite Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box can agree your child to finish the lunch. It keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess free and easy to open and close.

Picks Animal

The picks are useful for skewering food with, to make things easy to eat (especially for little hands not used to wielding chopsticks) as well as to decorate your bento. They are a great way to add color and fun to your child’s lunch without any effort.

Prize Plate

The picky eaters can easily be persuaded with a great game plan. The prize plate does the trick by turning eating into a fun race to a surprise finish. Each section of the sturdy melamine dish holds a few nibbles, including the last, lidded spot that stays covered for a big end-of-meal reveal.

Ingela P. Arrhenius Melamine Plates

The sweet, smiling faces featured on the colorful Ingela P. Arrhenius Melamine Plates are sure to add some happy to any meal. With 16 motifs to choose from, including a friendly sun and a wide-eyed owl, there's plenty of cuteness to spread around the entire table.

Ezpz Happy Mats 

This twist on child’s plates and bowls is perfect for kids who make a huge mess of their dinner. Happy mats are super fun. The mats suction to the table — which means kids can’t toss, push, or dump their dinner. And the separate spots for food means the peas never touch the potatoes.


MyDrinky is a drinking bottle developed to keep children from inadvertently squeezing juice boxes and equally importantly, not being able to dump out their drink. The two-piece design finally solves the issue of keeping the drink in the holder. Every type of drink box can fit inside, and it’s super easy to use.

Kids can be stubborn, but when eating is fun, it makes all the difference.
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