Amazing Fusion of Teletubbies singing 'Get Ur Freak On' is so void, stare into it

You know those videos that you don't really want to watch but you're also curious, and once you start watching you can't stop even though you really want to?

Yes, here they are bouncing and eating donuts and moving in syncopated delight as Missy Elliott finds endless interesting ways to ride a classic Timbaland bhangra beat. The happy robot monsters are shaking their asses and going up slides face-first in the eternal daylight joy of their Teletubby universe.

YouTuber Robert Jones has essentially made the Teletubbies version of Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On" music video. The footage has been so perfectly cut, you actually start to believe the Teletubbies are the ones flawlessly rapping Miss Elliott's lyrics.

But we definitely, definitely, do not want to see Teletubbies getting their freak on. Ever.

They are smiling, so they might be. Or perhaps they are merely damned puppets performing against their own wishes, their smiles a mockery of the notion of free will.

The video raises many questions, but offers no answers—only smiling television-chested puppets, bouncing to the beat.
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