What to Pack in Travelers Medical Kit

What to Pack in Travelers Medical Kit

When travelling overseas, a Travelers Medical Kit is as necessary as SHOES. About half of all travelers experience a medical problem while overseas. Purchasing drugs in some countries can make you even sicker than you were at the start.

If you arrange a nomadic journey, it better to pack a travel first aid kit. It can help you in a wicked situation and save you from some tiresome side trips to a doctor, especially when you’re in the countryside. It’s very easy to get cut or injured when you are on a travel journey, mostly if you arrange climbing or some other physical activity. Having a few medications with you when you are on a travel trail can be helpful for others in some unpleasant situations. If you are arrange regular trips get used to it and make a medical packing list.

Use this list to help you think of things to pack in your travel health kit. Be sure to think about where you are going and whether you will have access to health items and supplies.
  • Pain relief medicine such as paracetamol or aspirin. 
  • Antihistamine tablets for bites, stings or allergies. 
  • Cold and flu tablets. 
  • Cough medicine. 
  • Motion sickness tablets. 
  • Throat tablets or drops. 
  • Antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds or bites. 
  • Antiseptic ointment to apply to a wound. 
  • Blister and wound patches, such as sticking plasters. 
  • Medical adhesive tape. 
  • Safety pins, scissors and tweezers (you may not be allowed to carry these in your cabin luggage). 
  • Insect repellent containing DEET (diethyl toluamide). 
  • Sting relief solution, e.g. Stingose (aluminium sulfate). 
  • Diarrhea medicine. 
  • Antacid for indigestion. 
  • Antifungal or antibacterial cream. 
  • Eye lubricant drops. 
  • Ear plugs. 
  • Sunscreen (at least SPF 30+). 
  • Thermometer (a forehead thermometer is best for travel as it doesn’t break or run out of batteries). 
  • Health insurance card. 
  • Mild tranquilizer or other sleep aid. 
  • Medicine to prevent altitude sickness. 
  • Water purification tablets. 
  • Child safety seats 
  • Bicycle helmet 
  • Antiseptic handwash 

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