Proud to Be the Youngest One of Your Family; Study Reveals that the Youngest Sibling is the Funniest

It is often observed that the youngest sibling is the most funniest of all. It is not merely a co-incidence. A study by a global online community, YouGov shows that the youngest siblings are hilarious to live with, and they have a strong desire to entertain their family members. Not only are they funny, but they also possess other character traits that help define their personalities. They also posses the following traits.

1. They are exploratory

The firstborns take on the leadership roles among siblings by default but the youngest ones are more exploratory and courageous. The study was conducted by Frank Sulloway in which it was said that they tend to find a family role that has not already been claimed by their elder siblings. Also, for the last-born to find their place, they tend to experiment often and take more risks so that they assert their identities and talents.

2. They Are Relaxed

According to YouGov, youngest siblings are observed to be more relaxed. The reason is the outcome of their parents’ conduct because they feel more relaxed after raising the older children. Since the younger ones do not have more responsibilities than their elder siblings, they tend to be more relaxed and are almost every time in lighter mood.

3. They Are Sociable

Sulloway’s studies result that the youngest siblings are more fun loving and gregarious than the older sibling because the older one are more aggressive and self-confident. They make friends easily. As a result, the youngest members of the family learn how to influence others and control certain situations. They are tolerant and affectionate and hence more sociable.

4. They Are Creative

The younger siblings are usually more creative. It might be reason of their parents extra time and special attention while education their youngest child. This extra time and care can lead to creativity.

BUT Aside from all the positive and pompous points of the personality of the youngest sibling, it is also true that they are more stubborn because they have more people in family who take extra care of them and treat them as child. I am talking about the older siblings, who sometimes act more like parents than being the older sibling. 

So, the youngest sibling is also luckier to have so much warmth around him.

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