10 Great Uses of Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be found in nearly every kitchen but what’s so great about frozen water? It has loads of unusual uses you might not know about. From cleaning to cooking to beauty, there are so many uses.

Take a look at some of the unusual and surprising uses of ice cubes.

1. Removes gum from clothes, carpets and hair

Put ice cubes right onto the cloth, carpet or hair, and let them there until the gum is frozen. Then you can chip the gum away with a butter knife.

2. Less painful splinter removal

Use an ice cube to numb the area before you start picking at it.

3. Removes dents from carpeting

Place the ice cubes along the dent and leave them to melt. As they melt and the carpet begins to dry, it'll fluff up and will look normal again.

4. Makeup primer for smaller pores

Apply an ice cube, wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue on your face, before you put on your makeup to make it last longer.

5. Aids for muscle pain

Due to its inherent property to reduce inflammation and swelling, ice works wonder on a muscle pain or sprained ankle, thus giving an instant relief by reducing pain.

6. Prevents stains from setting

Ice cubes work wonders on a spill. Rub over the spot as soon as you spill something on your clothes or carpet. It will stop a stain dead in its tracks much more effectively than even cold water.

7. Cleans vases and bottles

It is difficult to clean a vase or bottle with a very slender neck. So, here's the solution. Toss in some ice and 1/4 cup salt and swish vigorously.

8. Cleans a coffeepot

 The ice/salt trick will also work for cleaning up a scorched coffee pot.

9. Numbs the tongue before taking medicine

Sucking an ice cube before taking bitter medicine numbs the tongue and helps cover the taste.

10. Skims the fat

To remove excess fat from soups, gravies and stews, simply fill a ladle or stainless steel vessel with ice and skim across the top of the soup.
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