10 Facts about Rose You Never know Before

Rose is the most popular and favorite flower among thousands of flowers all over the world. Probably rose is the best way to express feelings like love, honor, faith, beauty, and passion. Roses have always been a focal view in many poems. Its delicate fragrance and attractive color has a long time association with all of us.

Although, rose is a very common flower, but there are some facts about it which are not very commonly known. Here are 10 facts about rose which, I am sure, you never know before.

1. Naturally grown roses have only 5 petals and 5 sepals except Rosa Sericea. This specie of rose has just 4 petals. (Cultivated roses have large number of petals and are the result of mutation).

2. Roses with a variety of colors exist but Black and Blue roses do not exist naturally.

3. Rose oil is significant component in perfumes. A few drops of rose oil are pulled out from large number of roses. Two thousand roses are extracted to have only 1 gram of rose oil.

4. Roses are full of colors and each color symbolizes of different feelings. Red rose is for love, yellow is for friendship, oranges is for passion, white is for purity and the pink rose is the symbol of happiness.

5. Roses are safe to eat. They can be added to desserts and salads for taste and fragrance. Rose Water is used in cooking and in rose flavored ice creams. Rose hip, the fruit of rose, is used in jams and marmalade. Dried roses are used in tea.

6. Roses are great plant source of Vitamin C (especially the rose hip) and have some traces of Vitamin A and B. Rose hip is also used in medicines to relieve stomach pain and in cancer treatment.

7. Wild roses bud one in a year.

8. The tallest bush of rose on record is more than 23 meters.

9. The cultivation of roses resulted in 13,000 varieties.

10. The world’s most expensive rose is Juliet Rose cultivated by David Austin. It took $5 millions and after 15 years to breed and was introduces in 2006.

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