Energy saving ways of keeping your house warm

“Winter”…..the most awaited season by nearly all of us. When the mild chill in the air turns into the a bit cold, reading your favorite book at night in warm blanket and thinking that the freezing weather is opposite to the window, is the major cherishing feeling of the winters for many of us (at least for me). But when it gets colder and colder, it is not enough to sit only in the blanket…and by the way you cannot pass the whole day in the blanket. You have turn up the central heating in your rooms to keep them warm which may be costly if you use more energy. No one wants to spend lots of money in paying heating bills. Here are some energy saving ways of keeping your house warm. 

1. Let the Sunlight come in the Room
The best heating source is the sunlight. Open up the curtains and let the sunshine come in the room. Open just those curtains which allow the maximum sunlight come in and as soon as the sun sets, shut the curtains so that the warmth may stay in.

2. Use Aluminum Foil. Use Aluminum foil on the windows to keep the room warm. Aluminum is reflective. It reflects back the heat to the rooms, saving it from disappearing through the windows. 

3. Use Chimney Balloons
We throw lots of the heat out of house through chimney because we think that there is no way to keep that heat inside our house. But we think wrong. The chimney balloon is the way to use chimney heat in keeping your house warm. Just put the balloon in the hole of the chimney. It inflates and completely locks the hole preventing the heat going out of the hole.  But make sure to remove it before starting fire.  

4. Use Infrared Heaters
The best Infrared heaters are more energy saving than the space heaters because they particularly heat the object rather than the entire room. Other heaters need to turn on few minutes to preheat the room air while the smart infrared heaters don’t. People are directly warmed by the heater not by the air. Besides being relatively more energy efficient, these heaters are also safe since they don’t ultra hot. 

5. Metal Roofs
A number of insulation and radiation heating products are developed in the past years to save energy for keeping warm the buildings like the metal roofs. Metal roofs are reflective from inside. They prevent the heat being transferred through the roofing materials to the outside. 

6. Insulated curtains
Get insulated curtains for winters to hang on the windows and keep them drooped as much time as you can even in the night. You can also place curtain on the doors to keep your house warm.  

7. Don’t keep the Unused Rooms Open
Closing off all the unused rooms keeps the house warm. When you keep open the rooms you don’t use as much, the heat you generated moves into those rooms. Leaving the slight chill behind. 

8. Add Rugs to the Floor
Rugs do not only make your room colorful and stylish, but also keep the rooms cozy.  If the floors if not insulated, it takes away much of the heat your radiator generates. By psychological point of view, rugs on the floor make us feel warm.  

9. Turn the Bathroom Fan Off
The bathroom exhaust fan takes the heat and throws it away. Use them cautiously and make sure to turn it off without delay after use.

10. Keep the Kitchen Door Open
Kitchen is the coziest place without any extra effort. Take advantage of the heat produced in preparing the dinner. Open the door and let the kitchen heat come in the entire house. 

11. Rearrange the Furniture
Don’t place the couch or sofa in front of the radiator because the furniture absorbs the heat.   

12. Use Radiator Panels
Installing radiator panels in your room is another way to save energy. They reflect heat and make sure that your room warms up, not only the walls. 

13. Separate the Water Heating from the Central Heating
Many of us don’t pay attention on this way of increasing energy bills. The hot water is sent to the pipes under the floor even if the radiator is off. This costs in terms of dollars. So separate your water heating from your central heating.  

14. Get your Roofs Insulted
One of the energy saving way is to get the roofs insulated.  As the temperature of your room rises, the roof starts to throw it away. 

This is not like the heat climbs up the floor and drills the hole to escape.
Actually a rule of Science involves here. Heat transfers to the colder place. Without going into the detail of how and why? (Believe me, it happens)… just follow the tips to make your house warm and save some dollars by saving energy.
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