5 Natural Ways to Sparkle Your Teeth

5 Natural Ways to Sparkle Your Teeth

Sparkling teeth play a vital role in our confident social settings. They are not only a quality of our beauty but also an indicator of our health especially the dental health. A person with good dental health and sparking white teeth cannot be standoffish in any situation being nervous. Though brushing your teeth with expensive toothpastes and different dental cosmetics can give you sparkling white teeth but here are some inexpensive natural ways which can give you a confident, wide smile. Moreover, for better results, change your habits which leave stubborn stains and plaque on your teeth like smoking, cola drinks and sweets.

1. Banana and orange peels

Banana and orange peels

Scrubbing the inner side of banana and orange peels on your teeth can give you sparkling white teeth within 4-5 days. So, next time don’t throw the banana and orange peels in basket without cleaning your teeth.

2. Salt scrub


Sprinkling a little salt on toothbrush and scrubbing can give you white teeth. Although there are a lot of tooth pastes having salt as an ingredient but salt scrub is the most inexpensive and easy way to have sparkling teeth.

3. Powdered Cloves and Lump Sugar


Clove has always been very important for dental purposes. Either as granule or as oil, clove is the first kitchen solution for toothache. Besides toothache, the mixture of powdered cloves and lump sugar can prove to be a good whitening solution for yellow teeth.

4. Strawberries

Strawberry Paste

Strawberry paste is the best for white sparkling teeth. They can also be used by cutting into halves for scrubbing.

5. Baking soda and salt scrub

Baking soda and salt scrub

The mixture of half tea spoon of baking soda with the pinch of salt is good toothpaste for yellow teeth. You can even rub it with your fingertip on your teeth. Baking soda kills germs and combats bad breath.
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