An Ergonomic Office Setup

We spend lots of time in our works place daily and many of us have an office job. Spending many hours a day on desk causes injury and pain in body even sitting on a comfortable chair. Sometimes we don’t feel at ease on our workplace furniture and sometimes our sitting posture is not good for our health. It is very common to forget about the body needs while working profoundly and after such hectic day, we leave office with pain in our shoulders, back and wrists. These waves of pain are reminders for us to put a glance at our workplace environment.

Poor workplace setting and bad posture of sitting can not only affect our health but also affect our performance in office. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the only end result of chaotic and poor office settings.

But don’t worry, we are giving you guide for an ergonomic office set-up. Follow the tips and be more productive without sacrificing your health.

1. Comfortable Chair to Sit in

The most important and critical item in office is the chair. Many chairs are available with the title ergonomic but this title is not enough for relaxed sitting for many hours. Your chair is ergonomic only if;
  • it has lumbar support. Actually our back is not completely vertical. It is slightly curved inward. So the chair should has a slight curved support for our back. 
  • an arm rest which does not bend the shoulders. The arm rest should be such that the elbows bend almost perpendicular to the upper arms. 
  • a restful cushion is there which gives you comforting feeling when you sit in. 
  • the chair has an adjustable height. To sit in the chair with a comfortable position, your feet should be flat on the floor and arms should be flat on the desk. 
Your seat angle is also important.

2. Easy Desk

Easy desk is the other important tool for an ergonomic office set-up. Dumping the computer, files and other things on desk does not certify a good setting. Your desk should;
  • allow you keep your arms easily on keyboard (parallel to the surface). 
  • make you put your feet on the floor with legs under the desk. It should provide enough space to cross your legs under the it. 
If you don’t have these features in your desk, you can use keyboard tray and can adjust the height of chair to sit in a good posture. There are some desks with adjustable height feature.

3. Computer Setting

Computer setting is another important factor to decide the comfort level in an ergonomic office set-up. Frequent computer use is itself a cause of strain (jobs like computer operators etc). So, it is essential to set the computer accessories such that it put less strain on muscles and body. Align yourself properly with computer and set it in such a way that;
  • your elbows make 90 degree angle with upper arms. 
  • the mouse is near the keyboard. 
  • the monitor is 20-25 inches away from your face. It should be on eye level. 
  • you don’t bend your wrist sharply up or down while typing. 
  • use optical glass glare filters or light filters to avoid glare. 
  • use Laptop stands if you use laptops in office to maintain right level for your eyes. 

4. Use the Ergonomic Computer Gear

You get the most ergonomic office set up when you use smart and comfortable computer gear. The easy key board, the big screen monitor and the best ergonomic mouse are the finest way to be more productive in your office with ease.

5. Managing Cables

Tangled Cables are the most annoying thing in office. They not only make your office giving a messy

look but also dangerous if you get stumbled with twisted cables. Attack this problem by;
  • Hiding the power strip and plugs. 
  • Collecting and tie the cables together. 
  • Cutting the extra cable length. 
  • Mounting the cables to the desk or wall.  

6. Adjust the Desk Spacing

Adjust the desk such that it distracts you less during your office work. This is a secret point people think of very less. Set the desk such that;
  • it contains only the tools you use the most. 
  • make it less decorative. (to help you focus on your work) 
  • hide tools behind the monitor screen. 
  • keep the phone set within your reach. Get a phone handset if you spend more time on the phone. 

Besides all the tips given here, keep the office environment that makes you more productive, like keeping the temperature normal which helps you completing tasks and the use of natural light in office. Listening slow music for few minutes is also good at times especially after 80 percent office time is spent. It may help in changing your tired mood to effective.

Your workplace is as important for you as your home because you spend almost one third of the day here. Try to add in the tips in your work style to optimize your office set up so that you can avoid problem and give your best.
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