Toys that Adults will Love

We all have a part inside us that never grows up, no matter how old we get.

And this part, the heart, forces us to ask kids for our turn to play with their toys. This is another topic, do kids give us their toys to play with or not……? But we keep on craving because some of the toys are such that they invite even the adults. Use of smart tools and technology has made toys equally fascinating for kids and adults. Read about some of the toys here for which there is no limit of age to play with.

1. Powerup 3.0, Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Controlled by the smartphone through a free app, this powerup 3.0 flies the homemade paper planes. Smartphone is just tilted to turn the airplane left or right and the throttle is increased or decreased to ascend or descend it in the air. It attaches to any paper plane and takes it in the air through mobile control.

2. IDO3D Vertical Pen

To keep happy the artistic sense of any child or the adult, IDO3D vertical pens is the most suitable thing. It allows you to draw objects in 3D. Line is drawn by squeezing the pen and turning on the blue light which solidifies instantly. This blue colored photopolymer ink surrounds the pen tip. To sculpt in mid air for sure attracts the adults to try it.

3. Hover Board

For years this two-wheeled self balancing scooter, the hover board, has been the most favorite fun way for kids and the adults too. It is tricky to start at first but once you start riding, it moves with you without a glitch. You lean forward to move forward and back to reverse to move backward. The best hover boards can reach up to 10 miles per hour, making it fun to move. This is I love the most.

4. Sphero

Sphero is an app enabled spherical robotic ball, controlled by a smartphone or tablet.
The toy is wirelessly charged with a charging base, having an accelerometer and a gyroscope. It can also be used as a controller for games on iOS and Android. Many apps and games are also developed for it. Like the Sphero golf which allows the players to use this ball as golf ball. This is a good way for kids and adults to win prizes through this app.

5. Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster

Making you recall the fantasies of Robin Hood, Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster, is a powerful weapon. This is battery powered and reminds you of dart guns. This original bow action and a bending bow arm has firing system with pulling back and releasing mechanism. It can fire up to100 meters.

6. Air Hogs Hyper Actives Racing Cars

The 5 inches small car is the fastest remote-controlled racing car having the ability to reach up to the real world speed of 20 mph. The controller uses 2.4 Hz frequency with no antenna to get in the way, allowing many cars move close to each other. It can also roll up vertical. It’s not very tricky to control it, you can win in the competition easily.

7. Flying LEGO Drone

Building a quad copter is not only fun but a learning game equally for kids and adults. With four rotors and propellers having holes which are connected to the circuit board and the power supply to build the traditional quad copter ready to take flight. It can be easily disassembled as well. This assembling and disassembling experience is quite a fun for everyone.

8. MiPosuar

A robotic dinosaur, The MiPosaur, is controlled via swipe of hand or via an App. A ball is also supplied with it which can also be used to control it. This dinosaur roams about and explores its vicinity. It balances on gyros under its feet. Depending upon MiPosaur’s mood you can be its friend or its dinner food. It responds to 10 basic commands differently according to its temper. But the experience to play with it is equally good for kids and the adults.

9. Khet

Khet is chess with lasers. It has four pieces and Sphinx piece for both players having a laser diode in it. Players exchange their turn and move pieces which have one, two or no mirrored surface. The players fire the laser which bounces from mirror to mirror. When the beam strikes a non-mirrored surface on any piece, it is immediately removed from play.

Whenever you see kids playing with any toy, you are somewhat attracted towards the toy from your inner and if the toy uses modern technology, you can never stop yourself from grabbing toys from kids.
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