Accessories in your Car that Should be kept Clean

Accessories in your Car that Should be kept Clean

When you have to go for grocery shopping, for office meetings, for doctor appointment, for picking your kids from school and even for a long drive, guess what is constantly with you……?

It’s your CAR. Like the busy mom, your car is always busy. No matter how well you try to keep it clean, it gets messy on the end of the day especially when you have kids on plank. The wretched car…. cannot be sparkled every day because of your busy schedule and there are some of the things in your car which, if dirty, make your car giving a filthy look than the others. If you clean those things regularly, you may save your car from looking untidy all together.

Here are some tips you can practice any day without waiting for weekend to keep your car free from mess so keep on cleaning up the stuff as given here.

1. Carpet

The most important is to keep your car carpet clean. The balled up tissues and the mud slush makes you keep away from looking down in the car. Vacuum over the carpet of your car regularly. Beat your shoes before getting in the car, so that most of the mud or snow removes.

2. AC vents

The AC vents of the car are not easy to access especially the lower on, so you may easily forget to clean them and they become a source of bad look and ill smell in your car because they may be swamped up with bacteria. Use cotton scrub soaked in anti bacterial solution to clean the vents.

3. Window glass

Sometimes you have to go to some rural areas where some roads are unpaved and the others are semi-paved, the sand and dust is accumulated on the windshield and windows of your car. Wipe down windshields regularly. You can use soapy water to rinse and then dry.

4. Fuel injector system

The fuel burning is oxidized and produces non combustible byproducts. After a while it builds up in fuel injectors of your car and blocks the engine. As a result the engine performance is reduced and it starts hardly. By regularly cleaning these damaging deposits by the best fuel inject cleaners, the performance can be improved.

5. Headlights

Driving in the middle of night and unable to see anything on the road is very risky and because of the dirt accumulated on the headlights. So keep your car’s headlights cleaned. Rubbing with toothpaste is the best way to clean the headlights. So, drive safely with polished headlights. 

6. Drain

The drain of your car’s AC is another thing to keep clean because it also smells very bad if there is dust and debris accumulated inside it. Squeezing the tube and then running a wire into the tube can remove all the trash from AC drain.

7. Wiper blades

The dirty wiper blades can scratch the glass instead of cleaning it. Make a habit of cleaning the wipers with a soap solution and then drying before lowering them.

8. Seats

Car seats get the dirtiest of all. The liquid spills, food bits and the marker stains of your kids, give poor look to the cars. Clearing the seats with a fine bristled brush or a quick cleaning in a sunny day will give a fresh look to your car.

9. Dashboard

One of the most seen parts of your car is the dashboard. Clean it to get it in good condition and great look all the way down the road. Use detergent to remove the stains and then dry.

10. Body

Wipe down all hard surfaces of your car to remove any dust and dirt. The clean exterior of the car gives the most amazing look. But if you washed your car and took the wet car to drive, it can leave watermarks on it. Don’t wipe the body of the car with dry cloth because the tiny particles of dust can scratch the paint of your car.

11. Center console

On the front of the vehicle interior, the dirty center console gives a grimy look even if the other things in the car are clean. So keep it clean.

12. Car mats 

The dirty mates make the car looks ugly and if they are wet, it adds lots of smell. Remove the stains through spray or wash them in machine.
Besides all the tips, use garage for your car, place a garbage tin, Organize crayons

In a DVD rack and avoid eating in the car because the cars we drive, say a lot about us.
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