Slow down Ageing with simple Habits

Slow down Ageing with simple Habits - Muddlex

When it comes to skincare, a number of factors play a role. However, we are still aging on the inside, and we cannot do anything to stop this process – all we can do is adjust our lifestyle in order to slow down the ageing.
Ageing is a natural process that can’t be stopped but you can try slowing down its effects from showing by drinking adequate water and using sunscreen every time you step out, suggest experts. However here are some tips. Read on for the perfect regime to follow, and easy habits you can cultivate for smooth, supple skin.

  1. Chronic dehydration is the number one cause for skin ageing. Drinking water helps to restore elasticity of the skin and moisturises on a cellular level. This in turn gives you a more youthful glow. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and get luminous, healthy skin.
  2. Moderate amount of good fat from sources like olives, fish, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. Then you will get a good balance between monounsaturated fat (e.g. olives), polyunsaturated fat of the omega-3-type (e.g. fish) and polyunsaturated fat of the omega-6-type. The two queen bees of good fats are olive oil and avocados. Conversely try to eliminate butter and corn oil. A high consumption of these fat sources gives you too much saturated fat and polyunsaturated omega-6-fat.Cortisol, the stress hormone in your body causes mental and physical fatigue, leading to untimely ageing of skin. To reduce daily stress resort to exercising, meditation, calming massages and aromatherapy. These will instantly charge up your mind, body and spirit.
  3. Add exercises that gives both a muscular resistance load, work up your condition, and stretches out your body. Strength training need not take more than 30 minutes a session, twice per week. For flexibility, yoga is ideal. If you can swing it, add sprinting to your exercise routine, it’s been recognized to stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) which is a powerful youth hormone.
  4. Start your everyday skincare regimen with a gentle cleanser suiting your skin type. Look out for ingredients such as calendula or cucumber, which are mild in its approach and have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. For the next step, apply an effective alcohol-free toner according to your skin type. The toner helps in gently cleansing the facial skin while refreshing it without any harsh synthetic drying agents. A toner also helps tighten the pores and prepares the skin for some serum and moisturizer.
  5.  Use natural oils like lavender, rose hip, geranium, pomegranate and sandalwood. They have potent moisturizing properties that will make the skin look radiant, bright and wrinkle-free. Toxic chemicals found in many beauty care products, not only increase our toxic load, but also age our skin at a faster rate.
  6. Smile a lot! Yes, we already know that a smile is the best accessory which can enhance our beauty. However, we may not know that smiling wide, many times a day, even when you do not feel like it, can actually help boost a healthy blood circulation to your facial muscles, thus slowing down the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines!
  7. If you are not a vegetarian and you are not allergic to fish, then it is time to add more fish to your diet, especially fish like salmon, as they are rich in vitamin E and dimethylaminoethanol, both of which can slow down the cell degeneration process by nourishing your cells.
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