Time is passing so fast and human do not have sufficient time to go to the market and to buy goods, gifts, furniture, car, and a lot of other things. They prefer if they get these things of their need at their home and offices.

Technology is being improved day by day with the passage of time. Where you can talk and see your friends and family a thousand miles away, you can also get your goods at your home without getting exhausted. You can save your time and money. Less investment can be sure. This all is possible by a process called E-commerce.

E-commerce or on-line shopping

E commerce or on-line shopping is the process of buying and selling electronically. E-commerce is one of the best businesses in this tech growing era. E-commerce make everything in your hand. 


Requirements of E-Commerce

Following things are required for on-line shopping:

• Internet connection
•Connecting device (Mobile Phone, Laptop)
•Bank Account
•ATM Card (Other sources of payment)


Procedure of E-Commerce

The procedure of on-line shopping based on the following steps:


You can search your meant goods on the Internet by using your gadgets and can select them. Selecting can be done by mailing or by completing form of the company.


When you select any thing to buy then the company contacts to the customer and discuss the following things with the customer.
     •Security guidelines and audit requirements
      •Information regarding the implementation time line

If you want to purchase any other thing, e-commerce team make a contact between the seller and the buyer.



The customer can make his payments by using his ATM and also can use other sources for the payments.


After receiving the payments, company supplies his goods to the customer.

Benefits of E-Commerce

•Global market 24 hour per day.
•Business has access to 600 million people with Internet connection.
•Feedback can be immediate.
• Changing information can be available quickly.
•FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages provide easy access to customer support.
•It is easy for the company to gather the information, Analyze it and to react.
•Manufactures can buy and sell directly, avoiding the cost of middle man.
•New producers can also choose the option for on-line shopping for their products, which will help them to enhance their business.

Business-To-Business E-Commerce


Business dealers can deal with other Businesses for the selling and purchasing.

Business-To-Customer E-Commerce

Business men can directly interact to the customer for on-line shopping.


E-Commerce Websites

This link contains the names of 100 on-line shopping websites.


 Time is moving so fast. Nobody can stay at home in this technical era. Every one is working for his own sake. So, it is not possible to visit markets for shopping. Internet and has decreased this tension by providing the facility of   on-line shopping. This is reliable, Supportive and easy.

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