iPhone 5 Review

Apple Products are one of the best emerging products today. The iphone is one of the latest apple’s product which is being sells by millions due to its amazing features such as a faster processor a lager screen and a slightly improved camera.


Actually it does not look much different than old iphones, it is still flat with white or black surface in the same rectangular and round corner shape which have been remain the general look of old iphones. The amazing thing about iphone5 is that it’s very low weight with just 3.95 ounces. It looks like an empty shell with screen on it. Its height is about 0.37.

There is a home button sits beneath on its rectangular screen and the power button sits on the top of screen. The volume control and ringer button sits on its left hand side. Its looks fantastic with the smooth aluminum back silver on the white phone and a deep charcoal on a black phone which make it slippery slab. The ceramic glass strips on the top and bottom of the iphone provide radio transparent zones for antennas but due to aluminum it would not get good enough signals.

The screen is 1136x640 with a 360 pixels density per inch. As the Iphone5’s screen is 176 pixels longer so that you can easily navigate with your thumb holding the phone in one hand. Its screen very thin as compared to 4s screen which makes the color pop. Thumb typing on the screen is the same such like old iphones and flipping the keyboard to landscape mode provide larger letters to be typed. By holding the phone in one hand your hand can easily reach to the both sides of screen but it seems to be tricky to reach on top corner of the screen. Having the extra rows of icons on the screen is really awesome.

The iphone4s does not have LET (long term evolution) which is the next generation of cellular networking. iPhone 5 has LTE, which works on all the U.S. carriers, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T and all those carriers are rolling out LTE networks in more and more cities all the time. LTE can achieve theoretical maximum download speeds of 100Mbps. It shows that how much faster the Iphone5 is.

The faster speed of Iphone 5 is due to Apple’s dual-core A6 system on a chip with an integrated triple-core GPU, which is much faster than the 800MHz A5 chip in the iPhone 4S. While using iphone5 if you observe from opening apps to loading websites to looking at email attachments u would be feel that it is most like computer and less like phone from every aspects.


iphone 5 specs

Bottom Line

Over all the Iphone5 is an incredible Apple’s product. By boosting screen size, thinning its profile, and adding 4G LTE access, among other features, the newest iPhone5 shows every sign of being the most compelling yet. The new phone is a worthy upgrade for owners of older iPhones who want a bigger screen and faster data access. It’s sure to remain king of the smartphone mountain for another year until Apple figures out how to improve it some more.
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