How Welfare Society Works?

Since the creation of the human, humanity has created a great difference among rich and poor. Rich think him a ruler and think poor to rule upon.

Few of these creations felt a huge difference in society and started the work of welfare for the development of humanity and their society.

They started investing their investments and named the situation as welfare society.
Welfare Society

To know how a welfare society works it is important to know the meaning of the welfare society. Welfare society is a situation where single person or a number of persons gather themselves to work for the development of other people and society.
These developments are not for the individuals; rather these are for the development of the humanity and society. Some welfare society owners represent themselves as an organization with same aim of development. But they include to the maximization of the profit and to utilization of the human resources. These organizations   help the people to make them self dependent and hardworking

Where The Investment Comes From ?

They invest their own assets, amounts and materials for the betterment of humanity and society. Their source for investment is only funding or self earnings. They work for the betterment of the society but the people adopt a bad impact of this all and these types of investments make people handicap and they start to beg. Their expectations towards the welfare societies start rising high and high.


The common difference among people is because of education and skill polishing. The poor is not aware of his GOD gifted skills and also don't know to utilize it. Welfare societies try their best to remove the difference of the rich and the poor one by educating them. They think that it is the batter way to make poor self dependent and to earn for him and to support his family. On the other hand welfare organizations use their skills and give them their rewards in the form of wages.

Providence Of Food And Clothe

Welfare societies try their best to provide food and clothe to the needy and poor. Whereas welfare organizations use their talent and pay them wages so that they can buy food and clothe for themselves. This utilization of skills makes people polished and skilled. And they can be as a confident and self dependent person in the society. They can come across to their needs and dreams.

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