7 Tips to Overcome the Exams Tension

Exam tension
Exam!!!!! , sounds like a shock when it hits your eardrum and it makes you tensed even if you are prepared for it. But the real thing is not to behave like this. Exam is not a very big problem to worry about, just the thing is to be calm and let your brain work smoothly.
In this article, I have mentioned some fruitful tips for you to overcome the tension of exams.

1. Making Schedule for Preparation

Have a good schedule for completing the entire syllabus which you have. Figure out how many days you have, to study the syllabus, and the subjects you have to read. Then make a schedule by dividing the days for each subject according to the subject's importance and syllabus length. In that way you can avoid tension, because you know, how much time is left.

2. Sleep sufficiently

Don’t forget sleeping in the tension of exam. Take at least 6 hours of sleep to give rest to your body and mind. Restless brain can’t do anything to memorize what you have prepared.

3. Take Breaks during Study

While you are studying, take a break when you are feeling tired and your mind starts to wander away. If your concentration does not last for an hour, you should take a 5-10 minute break every hour to refresh your mind. With practice and minimal distractions, you might be able to space out your breaks gradually, so you can study productively for longer stretches.

4. Exercise

This is one of the best solutions for releasing tensions. Do it every day. Take deep breaths in fresh air. Have a morning walk daily.  

5. Drink lots of water

Water is very essential for our whole mind and body functionality. Never forget to drink water. It's good for you and helps your mind think better.drinking water

6. Avoid people that stress you

These are the people that are constantly stressed about their grades or brag about how well they performed on past exams, or ridiculing you for not knowing what they know. Just focus on your own studying, and you will be all right.

7. Avoid Revising things just before exam

Don't make a last minute review just before the exam, because it will cause more stress. Research has proved that the students who take rest or refresh their selves by doing any other activity except studying give better results than those students who leave their books just a minute before exam.    
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