Decision Making - the Right Way

Decision Making
Do you have any idea to make a best decision? Are you expert in decision making skill? Do you have the right principles for making good decisions or you depend on the throwing of coin? In you all fields of life you have to make a better decision at each step you go for.

Decision making - Introduction

Decision making is an important skill which anyone who wants to be a leader or who wants to achieve anything great in life must have. It is the mark of great leadership to be decisive and to make the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons. The opposite is also true: an inability to be decisive and to make the right decisions can be a huge liability and a great cause of failure. So how do you become a decisive person with a knack for making the right decisions?
Remember your past for the valuable lessons and experiences you got from it, but do not become prisoner to it. If you made mistakes, learn from them. Do not use those mistakes as reference points that will stop you from ever trying again and from taking risks. The person that never makes mistakes is a person who never risks anything and therefore never gains anything.
 The saying goes:
 “nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Similarly, do not let your past successes make you overconfident and self-satisfied in making decisions. Always ensure that you have all your facts and plan as thoroughly as you can. Beware of changes in the environment and circumstances in which you are living and operating. Remember that ultimately the two important factors you should be thinking about in making any decision concerning your goals and your dreams will be:

The future cost of the decision

 This may be a monetary cost or it may be a cost in the form of time, energy or emotional input as examples. The opportunity cost of your decision is also an important consideration. By following one course of action you are giving up on another course of action.
This rejected course of action is what is termed the “opportunity cost.” If you chose to marry Angelina, who is the girl of your dreams, then Cinderella, who was your second choice, would be the opportunity cost.

The future benefit of the decision

What will be the positive desired outcome of the decision? It may be a financial benefit or other benefit. How will the decision help you to achieve your goals and your dreams? People’s unconscious decisions often fall to what is familiar, since familiarity is what is comfortable and safe. Conversely, what is not familiar is experienced as uncomfortable and unsafe. Typically our education and early experiences are the basis of what is thought as unconsciously familiar and safe.  But keep in mind that safety is much more a function of familiarity than it is about being physically safe. Remember, the unconscious is emotional and not logical.
A famous Saying by Hazrat Ali R.A.
"Never forget two things in your life 1st don’t make any promise in happiness & 2nd don’t take any decision when you are angry."
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