World's Fastest Boat - Earthrace


Earthrace is a 78 foot alternative fuel powered wave-piercing trimaran; part of a project to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat and to do so using only renewable fuels.The boat's engines are powered completely by a biodiesel fuel source. This fuel is derived mainly from animal fat, soybeans, or other forms of biodiesel fuel. The powerboat itself is a 78-foot dramatic-looking wave-piercing trimaran, designed by Craig Loomes Design Group Ltd, with two 540 hp Cummins Mercruiser diesel engines, fueled with 100% Biodiesel, and is made mostly of carbon composite. It cost $1.25 million, which was mostly funded by generous sponsors. When asked, "Regrets about the cost of it all?" Pete Bethune replied "No...You know, I do have the coolest boat in the world".

 It’s been an exciting month as we’ve seen green transportation records set on the ground and in the sky, so naturally we are taking the next step and bringing you to the sea with the Earthrace, a 78 ft tri-hull “wavepiercer”. The biodiesel boat recently completed a carbon-neutral tour of the globe in an incredible 60 days and 23 hours.

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